11th ESGCO 2020 - NOW ONLINE!

The 11th conference of the European Study Group on Cardiovascular Oscillations held virtually on July 15, 2020.

ESGCO2020 Pisa - Keynote talks

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Keynote talks tentative titles

Michele Emdin: "Clinical Evaluation of Sympathovagal balance and Beyond"

Esther Pueyo: "Cardiac repolarization oscillations at sympathetic frequencies: characterization, underlying mechanisms and relation to arrhythmic risk"

Roberto Sassi: "Machine learning in cardiovascular signals: finally here to stay?"

Phil J Saul: "Cardiorespiratory Variability: 1971-2020 From Wizardry to Science to ???"

Leif Sörnmo: "Atrial Fibrillation: Signal Analysis and the Way Forward"

Kenji Sunagawa: "System identification, synthesis, and smart neuromodulation to rescue patients with treatment-refractory cardiovascular disease"